For some time, I have been developing a collection of NFT, with the theme: "Crime". This theme, certainly cruel is approached here with a lot of "second degree", see ... of humor.

This collection is doubly iconic. In the background first, because it refers to the series and movies. And in the form, because each illustration is worked in 80*80 pixel format in order to have the best possible definition in small format. All the illustrations are designed directly with the Affinity Designer software.


Each illustration is original and thought as such, it is not an assembly of random layers decided by programming.

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This collection is divided into eight themes, each represented by a different colored background.

1.Gangster (red), 2.Police (sky blue), 3. Allegory (yellow) 4.BTK (purple) 5.Psychopath (gray) 6.Element of crime (in Progress) 7.The boss (in Progress) , 8.justice (in Progress)


The physical reproduction of these illustrations in the form of badges, pins, stickers and other is prohibited without my agreement

(contact me if necessary).

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This collection is expected to grow with new icons over time and as crime does not pay it is almost given.

Avatar or trading card, do you feel more like a gangster or an FBI agent ? A psychopath or a supreme court judge ? The choice is yours !.

Above, Andrew, loves birds and sewing.
Following a failed trepanation by Dr. L. M. Smith (ex intern of the Paris hospitals) is slightly inconsistent in his DIY work.

Dress up as one of these many characters to be the most beautiful to go get the eggs at the farm. Enjoy !

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